Finding Affiliates

Finding Affiliates with Publisher Discovery

The Publisher Discovery platform is designed and being developed to help affiliate managers successfully discover new potential partners:

  • Find affiliates by vertical market
  • Discover new affiliates within your own network
  • Uncover your competitors' affiliate relationships
  • Create a dynamic Gap Analysis to see opportunities
  • Save interesting sites in the platform for further analysis
  • Add notes for team collaboration
  • Contact via email or social channels to recruit new partners

Finding Affiliates by Vertical

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Finding affiliates by vertical market sector is simple with Publisher Discovery. Pick from over 80 vertical market niches in 10 broad markets and see which affiliate sites are performing - whether you're looking for travel, technology or dating affiliates.

They can be traditional affiliates, bloggers or influencers; you will also discover merchant to merchant partnerships, with many of these new joint ventures using the affiliate model.

Choose your market and join hundreds of other affiliate managers using Publisher Discovery to find new affiliate partners.

Finding Affiliates by Network

Most affiliate networks and SaaS tracking providers provide tools to find affiliates to grow your affiliate program. Some may also use other terminology of course, such as publisher and partner, as we discuss here.

This guide will help you to see what is available and how Publisher Discovery can give you the extra 'secret sauce' to recruit more. The unique benefit with this is that you'll be able to look beyond your existing network partners.

Publisher Discovery's database of over three million affiliate websites is easy to filter but vertical, by geo and by competitors' affiliate connections. This makes the process of finding affiliates for growth of their publisher base so much easier and smoother. It also shows contact details to help find the website's publisher.

Find Affiliates By Your Network >

Affiliate Networks

Different networks offer widely differing affiliate recruitment options, from almost nothing up to machine learning based technologies. By being able to filter by network, Publisher Discovery lets you dig deep into a market niche to specifically find awin affiliates, Impact affiliates or Valuecommerce affiliates even, in any geo.

See how Publisher Discovery can be used to help you with your own affiliate finding and recruiting new publisher partners. Take a free trial today and see for yourself.

Affiliate Networks by Market

For advertisers looking to enter new geo markets, it's essential to fully understand what the differences and their implications might be - and find affiliates relevant to their niche.

See the brief introduction on the Indian Affiliate Market >

Download the Affiliate Networks Global Insights white paper.

Hear the Publishers Views

Our Publisher Spotlight blog posts are a series of interviews with some of the more interesting and innovative affiliate publishers.

Chris P King

Chris has a long history in affiliates, from his days as affiliate manager for Chris King, now a prolific travel and rail blogger based in Japan.

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The Curvy Fashionista

Marie Denee gave some really great insights into the world of a fashion blogger – and her use of affiliate linking as part of her overall monetization strategy.

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A conversation with Tony May of Finder UK; Finder have recently expanded from their Australian roots into US and UK markets.

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Jitendra Vaswani

Read how 'the man behind BloggersIdeas' grew his business and get an understanding of his journey as an online publisher.

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We spoke to Warrick Lambert to get the full picture of how Redu has grown through the last few years – as well as through the pandemic!

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Chris Mockford


We spoke to Chris Mockford to understand a little more about their audience - 'Generation Z' - and what this valuable market represents for affiliate advertisers.

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Tricia Meyer -

Tricia Meyer

As founder of Sunshinerewards and Executive Director of the Performance Marketing Association, Tricia offers a unique view.


Ray and Deirdre


A story of relatively new entrants to the affiliate world and how Ray & Deirdre brought real innovation to homewares affiliate publishing.

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We talked to Colin Carter to provide travel merchants with an insight into how the travel sector has fared over the last year or so from an affiliate perspective.

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Our Partners

We are partnered with a number of affiliate networks and SaaS partner management providers in a variety of ways. Ask your network account manager about the best way to include Publisher Discovery in your recruitment.

The Publisher Discovery integration with Affiliate Future is designed to help all advertisers to find affiliates in the network - and install our extended recruiting tools.

Affiliate Future Partner Page >

CAKE includes Publisher Discovery for larger client accounts as part of the account. More basic advertiser accounts can also add Publisher Discovery at a special rate; ask your account manager for details.

CAKE Partner Page >

Publisher Discovery is available as a part of your Everflow+ account. The software and tools can be added to all other Everflow accounts for a small premium.

Everflow Advertisers >

Linkconnector has a bespoke integration of Publisher Discovery, enabling merchants to see analysis of Relevance and Value across the network; along with our enhanced suite of global tools.

Partnerize use a Publisher Discovery data integration partnership which makes the 3.5+ million websites available within their own Discover platform. Ask your account manager for more details.

Publisher Discovery is avilable for advertisers using Redtrack accounts of Agency or above. Ask your account manager for more details.

RedTrack Partner Page >

Publisher Discovery is included as a component for TUNE advertisers on Scale or above. All other advertisers can access our tools at a special rate; ask your account manager for details.

TUNE Partner Page >

Discuss a Partnership

If you would like to discuss a partnership with us please drop us a note or get in contact here.