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The Changing Auto Market

The market for auto and motoring affiliates has been tough over 2020-21. The Covid lockdowns meant that almost everybody was 'stuck at home' for months on end, so the auto market took a hit with drivers putting off changing their car.

So, where do you look for new auto affiliates?

As with any vertical market, finding the publishers who publish supported by affiliate revenues isn't always that simple. Vuelio published a list of the top 10 automotive bloggers in 2020 and we see some of the list who do run affiliate ads in their content - but not all. So how do you find which websites are affiliates?

New Affiliates?

So, are you looking for brand new publishers the motoring sector - or just new to you? Publisher Discovery is built to make the task of discovering the most relevant new websites that much easier.

The Chrome extension makes this so simple. Visit any site from your search results and the extension shows how many - and which affiliate programs and networks they connect to, any social and emails - and their country.

find car bloggers with our Chrome extension

The past year has been tough for many of the leading publishers at a time when most advertising revenues have been depressed; the affiliate market has remained buoyant because of its basis in payment for performance. Many more traditional publishers and bloggers have turned towards working more on the affiliate model.

From an advertiser's point of view the key to finding the right partner is gaining an understanding of their audience so that your new affiliate relationships have true synergy with your brand.

Publisher Discovery lets you check out their social profiles, other websites and their partnerships - all in one platform to get a rounded view before reaching out to recruit them.

Find your new publishers with Publisher Discovery

This selection of affiliates is directly from the Publisher Discovery platform. You can dig into the advertiser partnerships, social links and contact them directly to recruit them.

  • search through thousands of potential new relevant affiliates
  • understand their marketing style and social activities
  • see which are promoting your competitors, and
  • create a Gap Analysis against your own program to
  • reach out and contact them - to get them promoting your brand

So here's 5 to get you started

See the partner programs they promote - and the contact details:



See more auto affiliates in the full platform...
Publisher Website Partners Contacts Social Relevance 7 1 Y 86  22  1 Y 83  1  2  Y 78  2  1 73  19  1 Y 71
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...and see thousands of new motorcycle and motoring affiliates from around the  world.

We really want to make sure
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