About Publisher Discovery

Publisher Discovery’s team applies years of experience in Machine Learning and Affiliate Marketing – to help you find the best affiliates

“Publisher Discovery has perfected my way of working when recruiting affiliates. They’ve managed to make account managers lives easier to determine best and unique results based on the brand/advertiser.”

Stephon Anthony, Master of Malt

Publisher Discovery is a leading developer of AI & Machine Learning technologies for the Affiliate Marketing industry. Our team has extensive experience in online advertising and affiliate marketing as well as the development of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies.

The SaaS platform gives affiliate managers unique insight and analysis on affiliate programmes in over 80 market verticals, to help identify and engage with new affiliates. Using AI we rank and match these affiliates to an advertiser’s specific needs – in a clear and usable interface – click to get started now – or read more in the HelpCenter resources.

Read about our partnerships with some of the leading organisations in the affiliate industry.


Meet the team

Tom Bourne
Previously the co-founder of TT London with 10+ years experience in PR and marketing
Chris Tradgett
Over 18 years in affiliates, one of the founding team of buy.at and co-founder of Publisher Discovery. Board member of the PMA
Rob Haswell
20 years' experience designing and building high performance data processing systems
Sebastian Toke-Nichols
Head of AI
Over 15 years of creating business product value
Dr Mark Wibrow
Senior Engineer
Over 5 years' experience mixing software development, data engineering, and AI research
Emma Outerbridge
Demand Generation Executive
Emma heads up Demand Generation at Publisher Discovery, driving customer success and growth.
Mark Smith
Non-executive Director
Ex-CEO of both Linkdex and Affiliate Future, and Judge at Performance Marketing Awards
Vivien Pell
Trained by PWC, Viv Pell has been a Chartered Accountant for over 20 years
Matthew Byrne
Entrepreneur and early stage angel investor with strong commercial experience
Dr Jonathan Pell
Investment Director
Chartered Accountant - sold Geneva Technology to Convergys for $680m and Datanomic to Oracle for a 10× return
Les Freeland
Technology Director
Previous VP EMEA and VP Global Operations positions for Tibco and Teknekron. Currently holds several board-level positions across innovative software companies.
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