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The Finance Market

The financial sector is a highly competitive one for affiliates, and new entrants will face very strong competition from blogs and expert advisors websites with decades of domain history - and knowledge. Websites such as, and others started off as affiliates - and many now have affiliate programs of their own.

From an advertiser perspective that also presents challenges, particularly for new entrants or new products. The bigger publishers being well established have large and loyal audiences and may be very difficult to engage in a partnership conversation.

Your product will have to earn a position to be promoted on their key pages. So be prepared to negotiate to encourage a test campaign - and to provide bespoke creative and landing pages for their traffic.

Where do you look for new finance market affiliates?

It's a tricky question as they may just be new to you - or to the whole industry. Publisher Discovery has been built specifically to take the pain out of finding new affiliates in any vertical.

The task of finding new finance affiliates for cards, insurance, forex, money transfer or currency services has always been a tough one. For some areas of financial services, and some geos, referring affiliates will also need to meet criteria set by the authorities.

Find new finance affiliates with Publisher Discovery

The selection of affiliates here is pulled directly from the Publisher Discovery platform. As you can see there's a mix of traditional affiliates in the financial services areas as well as crypto and forex affiliates and bloggers.

Understand their advertiser partnerships and social links; and then reach out to contact them directly to engage with them.

  • search through thousands of potential new relevant affiliates
  • understand them and see their other websites
  • see which are promoting your competitors, and
  • see a Gap Analysis against your own affiliate program on the fly


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Publisher Website Partners Contacts Social Relevance  10  4 89  32  31 Y 86  4  2 84  11  2  Y 84  61  1  Y 80
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