Finding Affiliates for Growth

Finding Affiliates for Growth

How finding affiliates enables affiliate program growth

Case Study: Master of Malt

Read how Master of Malt used the Publisher Discovery platform and tools to identify potential new affiliates in new geo markets. The resulting program growth from a six-month campaign created a step-change for the business

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Finding Affiliates by Vertical

Finding affiliates by vertical market sector is simple with Publisher Discovery. Pick from over 80 vertical market niches in 10 broad markets.

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Affiliates by Network

Growing beyond your network

Research has shown that only a small percentage of affiliates register with more than 5 networks. Which means that any network will limit your ability to grow your program.

Most affiliate networks and SaaS tracking providers provide tools for finding affiliates to grow your affiliate program - but from within their own registered publishers.

Publisher Discovery will help you to see outside your network to affiliates across all affiliate networks. It can give you the extra 'secret sauce' to recruit more. The unique benefit with this is that you'll be able to look beyond your existing network partners.

It's worth remembering that the pool of affiliates isn't a static think and there are fresh faces appearing every month - some will just be new bloggers and others could be like Ray at uFurnish who we spoke to recently.

Publisher Discovery's database of over three million affiliate websites is easy to filter but vertical, by geo and by competitors' affiliate connections. This makes the process of finding affiliates for growth of their publisher base so much easier and smoother.
finding affiliates for growth

Affiliate Networks

Different networks offer widely differing affiliate recruitment options, from almost nothing up to machine learning based technologies.

See how Publisher Discovery can be used to help you with your own affiliate finding and recruiting new publisher partners. Take a free trial today and see for yourself.

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