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We love podcasts as they're a hassle-free way to extend your knowledge broaden your horizons anytime, anywhere on a run, at the gym or even gardening!

There are now hundreds of business podcasts available online - and it can be daunting to work out which are the best to tune in to.

We've collected together some of the best current affiliate podcasts which anyone new to affiliate management will find invaluable listening.

Shared Knowledge

Many of the leading figures in the performance and partnership marketing industry have taken to podcasting. Some have been going on and off for years. Others appeared more recently.

The reasons for running a podcast vary but its fair to say that it's a great way for an agency to share knowledge and expertise and prove their capabilities to potential clients.

affiliate podcasts

Listen in to some of the big names in partnership marketing and pick up some nuggets to apply to your own affiliate program. You can listen to some of the best affiliate podcasts available - direct from this page; just click on the purple buttons to hear the latest episode!

New to Podcasts?

If you're new to podcasts, it's really simple to fit them in. There are plenty of channels from Apple, Spotify, TuneIn, Google and many others - all right there on your phone (we've linked the the Apple channels for consistency!).

The Podcasts

1 - Affiliate Management Podcasts

Here's a selection of current affiliate podcasts which anyone new to affiliate management will find invaluable listening.

This is Affiliate Marketing

First up, one from a true affiliate industry veteran, Shawn Collins, co-founder of Affiliate Summit

Rick Magennis Show

Rick is a regular podcaster with some great content.

Hear our Chris Tradgett discussing the evolution of affiliate recruiting:

Profitable Performance Podcast

Great regular content from great speakers, interviewed by Jamie Birch of JEB Commerce

Eccommerce Masterplan

Strong but more general eCommerce content from Chloe Thomas

Affiliate Insider

from Lee-Ann Johnstone, a leading influencer and trainer in the Gaming space.

Hear the episode featuring Publisher Discovery's Chris Tradgett:

Keep Optimising Podcast

Another in a snappy format from Chloë Thomas

Listen to Chloë and Chris discussing issues around finding affiliates:

Marketing Growth Podcast

affiliate podcast from Shane Barker

Today in Digital Marketing

Tod Maffin brings you a fast-paced 8-minute rundown of what you missed in the world of digital marketing and social media


A more corporate offering from Acceleration Partners; still with great content!

The Affiliate Guy

Old school hustler content with  Matt McWilliams:

Awin Talks

Corporate podcast. Great content and worth keeping up with.

...and 2 - Some Podcasts for Affiliates

There are literally thousands of Youtubers and podcasters with advice for affiliates (and would be affiliates) themselves. This selection is just a few and highly 'variable' in content. It varies from some really useful and actionable insights for bloggers and influencers - right through to some fairly 'grey hat' tactics, which are likely to harm a bloggers' search positions!

As an affiliate manager, it is always useful to keep up with whatever advice your affiliates are being fed - particularly from the more 'grey hat' SEOs and MLM folks!

Here's a selection affiliate podcasts - for affiliates - with no particular recommendations:

Affiliate Buzz

- from James Martell

Affiliate marketing Influencer podcast,

from Stacia Kennedy

Affiliate Marketing Radio

from Darren Graham

Kevin Whitsitt

  • podcasts

Your affiliate marketing mentor

- Angela Davis

Ultimate affiliate marketing

From Paul Mottley

 Blogs -

The Affiliate Report

from Derek Gehl & Galel Fajardo

The Influencer Podcast

Keep up to date on all things 'influencer' with Julie Solomon.

Make your own recommends

If there are any key podcasts you think we should list add them in the comments or drop us an email with your own suggestions.

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