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Growing DIY and Garden Sector

The homeware, furnishing and gardening sectors have had a bit of a boost over the past year or so in almost every country. The Covid lockdowns meant that almost everybody was 'stuck at home' and at last able to tackle those DIY or garden projects.

That led in the UK to DIY store websites running out of stock - and even making consumers wait up to 40 minutes to get access to buy homewares, tools and DIY Goods. That also led to an increase of new publishers entering the affiliate space, and many networks reported a big influx of new publishers during 2020.

This is of course helped by blogs from networks like PostaffiliatePro highlighting that Home Decor was one of the most profitable niches for new affiliates to promote. In the USA alone interior design generates $10Bn a year in revenue, and as real estate continues to go up in value, that's set to keep rising.

Where do you look for new home and garden bloggers and influencers?

The homeware and gardening sector, as with many where there are significant numbers of competitors, has an over-reliance on coupon/voucher and cashback/loyalty affiliates.

Some of the premium advertisers manage to avoid compromising their brand value by discounting. That doesn't mean that these affiliates don't add value, as argued by Janina Hagen in this article.

If coupons are used intelligently, they can be effective and either offer free shipping or a discount on higher spend levels. Some merchants also offer differential cashback (from commissions) or coupons on specific inventory.

New Affiliates?

So, are you looking for brand new publishers the homeware sector - or just new to you? Publisher Discovery is built to make the task of discovering relevant new websites, blogs and influencers easier and can show you thousands. The Spotlight article below shows that there are still new publishers entering the market with new ideas and technological solutions.

The job of recruiting has always been one of the toughest tasks of an affiliate manager. Our tools have been designed to save a load of time when searching for new publishers, so you can get on with building relationships.

Bloggers, influencers & affiliate links

new affiliate manager

The past year has been tough for many of the leading publishers at a time when fixed advertising revenues have been depressed. Many bloggers and influencers have turned towards working more on the affiliate model.

From an advertiser's point of view the key to finding the right partner is gaining an understanding of their audience so that your new affiliate relationships have true synergy with your brand.

Publisher Discovery lets you check out their social profiles, other websites and their partnerships - all in one platform to get a rounded view before reaching out to recruit them.

Find your new publishers with Publisher Discovery

This selection of affiliates is directly from the Publisher Discovery platform. Take a free trial and dig into the advertiser partnerships, social links and contact them directly to recruit them.

In your 7-day trial you will be able to:

  • search through thousands of potential new relevant affiliates
  • understand their marketing style and social activities
  • see which are promoting your competitors, and
  • create a Gap Analysis against your own program to
  • reach out and contact them - to get them promoting your brand

So here's 5 to get you started

Take a free trial to see the partner programs they promote - and the contact details:



See more in the full platform...
Publisher Website Partners Contacts Social Relevance
mom4real.com 1 1 Y 96
furniture.com  2  1 87
davidsbridal.com  3  2  Y 84
swaddlesandbottles.com  7  1 82
atremendoushome.com"  59  1 72
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...and see thousands of new homewares and gardens bloggers and affiliates.

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Publisher Spotlight

We had a conversation recently with relatively new entrant to the affiliate space uFurnish.com. They entered the market less than three years ago with a vision to help shoppers easily search and discover the home furniture market to find the exact products they want - read more in the article.


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