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What's most important in new affiliates?

Health & Beauty is a broad overall sector admittedly. So there won't be a simple answer, though throughout all the sub-niches is the quality of the publisher. And that applies for bloggers and Influencers as much as to rebate and coupon affiliates.

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The leading influencers of course, such as the beauty influencer on Instagram, shown above, have huge audiences. So apart from the biggest brands not many advertisers will have the budgets to engage with them! There are hundreds of column inches and pages fanfaring the latest influencers to watch.

Health and Beauty also regularly head up tables of the most profitable niches for affilates, bloggers and influencers to promote. The beauty market alone is projected to reach a value of $863Bn globally by 2024.

Movement to the Affiliate Model

Over the last year with the depression of many advertising budgets - and often cutting all paid placements - many bloggers and influencers have opened up to using affiliate linking. Admittedly, many years ago, affiliate links were anathema to pro bloggers as Marie recalls in her Publisher Spotlight. SImilarly, Youtube beauty bloggers would avoid affiliate links, though now you regularly see links in the comments sections.

With the relaxation of Google's stance on affiliate links a few years ago and the formalisation of Ad disclosure for bloggers and influencers, this changed. Those two factors, coupled with the wider use of commission attribution, have led to Partnerize and Awin both reporting record numbers of new content, influencer and blog affiliate sign ups.

Many of these are now showing up in the Publisher Discovery lists, and from all reports, it's a trend that isn't appearing to be reversing, despite the relaxation of ad budgets.

Pharma and CBD

Health Sector

Healthcare is another big area covering pharma, CBD, eyewear and others. Publisher Discovery is able to give niche views for each of these, with thousands of quality affiliate websites.

Again the healthcare niche can be highly profitable for publishers, particularly where they have an engaged audience. The healthy lifestyle market passed $100m in annual revenue last year and the growth of the supplements and CBD markets is showing yet further growth.

To identify opportunities for your own program, take a free trial of Publisher Discovery and the Chrome Extension and see for yourself how this award-winning technology can save time - and more importantly, give a brilliant return on investment.

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Publisher Website Partners Contacts Social Relevance  19  1  Y 69  10  1 Y 65  23  41  Y 65  35  1 Y 64  12  1 Y 64

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