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If you're already managing a successful program, you'll have focused on those which have been best at driving conversions. However, it's always worth keeping an open mind and responding to changes in the performance marketing landscape.

Affiliates driving high volumes are likely to be the most valuable, so long as quality of the traffic is monitored.  For affiliates, there are resources to discover new programs to promote. It's important for an affiliate to pick an advertiser that offers the right conversion to sale. So they will choose the most appropriate cbd advertisers for their blog or other marketing channels.

For program managers of course apart from digging into keyword search, it's not so simple, which is why we developed Publisher Discovery. Our objective has been to provide the best resource for affiliate managers to discover and recruit affiliates - which includes bloggers and influencers.

Try out our recent tools such as the Chrome Extension, or the search box on the home page search to find Insights on cbd or hemp affiliates.

It's important to discover and work with niche specific affiliates with engaged audiences - which may be largely content driven. Don't ignore other channel specific affiliates such as PPC or email, as they can be tactically very useful partners and drive significant volumes in this market.

The Affiliate Relationship

If you're looking to engage with the best performing affiliates, you should be considering it in the same mindset as hiring a specialist consultant. An affiliate manager starting from that viewpoint starts to consider this as a business partnership rather than just another media buy; a very common trap that many still fall into.

Most are indeed channel specialists, whether as SEO affiliates, PPC affiliates or content publishers of varying types, which can include health professionals, or bloggers and influencers. All are effectively performance based consultants backing up all your other channel activity. You should think of affiliate not as a channel but more a business model!

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