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The Publisher Discovery platform is available for all CAKE subscribers; Publisher Discovery is included with your account on higher plans - and as discounted add on for all subscribers, to view the global affiliate landscape and recruit affiliates.

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Publisher Discovery gives you:

  • in-depth analysis of five of your competitors' affiliate programs
  • a global view of your market vertical
  • affiliates to recruit from any affiliate network in any geo
  • Innovative Chrome extension to find affiliates in Google search

For all CAKE users on any plan, Publisher Discovery is available at a special discount from our published pricing. Please contact your CAKE account manager or support to get the special sign up details.

What Publisher Discovery Offers

The Publisher Discovery platform is the leading software for finding and recruiting affiliates. The software is driven by AI and machine learning, with analysis of over 2.7 Billion links from 3,500,000 affiliate websites linking to over 600,000 advertiser programs.

"Definitely a time-saver when browsing affiliate sites - see their contact details for ease of access - without logging in and checking"

“Publisher Discovery has perfected my way of working when recruiting affiliates. They’ve managed to make account managers lives easier to determine best and unique results”

"Publisher Discovery’s browser extension is an invaluable tool. You can immediately see information about websites you are visiting, including whether they have affiliate links or not"

Competitor Intelligence & Analysis

GAP Analysis

Publisher Discovery contains powerful tools to identify affiliates by advertiser. So CAKE advertisers are now able to see which affiliate websites are linking to competitors' affiliate programs.

The Gap Analysis view shows exactly that. See the list of websites and which advertiser they link to - and see the gaps in your own program.

Then take a look at those publishers and identify the most relevant and valuable to recruit to your own program.

Chrome Browser Extension

The Publisher Discovery Chrome browser extension is available to all CAKE advertisers - and gives you instant affiliate insights - and makes the task of finding affiliates a breeze.

  • See which websites in Google search results are using affiliate links
  • click to visit the site and show the Publisher Discovery detail panel
  • See their Social Media links
  • Add to your Saved Affiliates
  • See the contact details and send an email
  • Manage the contact within your account
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