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A recent Forbes report stated that in 2020 the entire global theatrical and home/mobile entertainment market totalled $80.8 billion, the lowest figure since 2016 and a decline of 18% from 2019.

Live theatre of course saw one of the sharpest drops from $42.3Bn to $12Bn 2019-20 as the pandemic rolled out. US domestic Box Office receipts were at a 40-year low to less than 11% of the previous year.

With lockdowns around the world, the online shift to digital entertainment accelerated in 2020 and revenue climbed to $61.8Bn, an increase of 31%. Digital media had accounted for over three-quarters of total theatrical, home/mobile entertainment revenue.

Online Winners

Streaming services were the greatest beneficiaries of all this - with significant new services from Disney, Hulu, Universal, Netflix and of course Amazon. There are now 1.1 billion online video subscribers worldwide; an increase of 26% from 2019.

The extra time spent in the home also meant a bonus for others, an UK books retailer reported steady growth in book sales throughout the last two years. Online hobbies retailers also experienced steadier than usual sales.

Who were the affiliate winners?

Entertainments affiliates were losers and winners in all this. Ticketing websites for theatre, sports and cinema of course saw a huge drop in traffic and revenues. As in many other verticals, the most agile adapted or pivoted to other maybe complementary types of inventory.

books affiliates

There are a few niches covered in this broad category of entertainment. As with all affiliates, the publishers will very likely have overlapping audiences - theatre-goers are likely to read books and have hobbies - or of course be music and film buffs as well.

So when searching by your own vertical as a merchant, don't forget that your target consumer also has other closely aligned interests. Analysis of these affiliates can yield very useful side audiences for your own products via a new type of affiliate.

Finding affiliates by keyword search

Searching by long tail keywords can also be fruitful, as shown below. The Publisher Discovery Chrome extension can save you hours of searching by pointing out which of the sites in SERPS are using affiliate links.

hobbies and entertainment

How to find relevant affiliates?

The job of finding new and relevant affiliates for each of the niches under 'entertainment' and with good audiences is never a simple one. Then if you do find them how do you get affiliates to actively promote your brand over a competitor?

Publisher Discovery has been built specifically to take make the job of finding new affiliates easier - in any vertical, as you can see with the Chrome extension example above. Increasingly, you'll also find influencers who are now using affiliate links to monetize their content, both in social media and in their websites.

Find active affiliates with Publisher Discovery

This selection of affiliates and influencers below is pulled from the Publisher Discovery platform. Take advantage of our free trial and check out their advertiser partnerships, social links and then contact them to recruit them.

In your 7-day trial you will be able to:

  • search through thousands of relevant link-active affiliates
  • understand their marketing activity on site and in their social accounts
  • see which ones are promoting competitors, and
  • create a Gap Analysis against your own program.

Here's a few examples to get you started - there are literally thousands more affiliates in the app...


See more in the full platform...
Publisher Website Partners Contacts Social Relevance
wrestlinginc.com  4  1 Y 97
wegow.com  137  16  Y 86
stereoboard.com  23  11 Y 84
straight.com  5  4 82
routedesfestivals.com  1  1 71
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...and find thousands of potential affiliates by geo or by network, down to your most relevant prospects.

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