Find Active Sports Affiliates

Finding Active Sports Affiliates

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The sports sector has had a tough couple of years. Since the start of the pandemic, the general perception of people becoming more active isn't quite accurate. Yes more people were walking regularly, but the depressed incomes meant that sales of activewear and sports equipment were hit.

The recent McKinsey Report quoted here projects a return to previous trajectories, so the markets globally are recovering. It is a $126Bn market globally, covering footwear, exercise equipment and sports apparel - with the US the largest with over 30% of the global market according to Statista.

An affiliate growth market

From an affiliate view, the increasing shift of ecommerce online coupled with the shift of attention and marketing budgets toward the affiliate space mean that there is a significant opportunity for publishers. Advertisers in the sector are competing for those affiliates who have active and engaged audiences.

There are also thousands of sports affiliates vying for space in the search environment and the share of attention in their audiences. For much of the market, the coupon and cashback affiliates have driven the bulk of the volume in most affiliate programs.

Increasingly, we're seeing advertisers and their OPMs searching more for sports bloggers and content affiliates. So, as an affiliate program manager how do you find the right affiliates to work with?


Where do you look for sports affiliate partners?

Whether they're new to you - or to the industry, we can find you thousands of potential new affiliate partners. Publisher Discovery has been built specifically to take the hard work out of finding new affiliates in any vertical. The task of finding new affiliates for fitness, cycling or outdoor has always been a tough task.

Find active affiliates with Publisher Discovery

This selection of affiliates is directly from the Publisher Discovery platform. Take a free trial and dig into the advertiser partnerships, social links and contact them directly to recruit them.

In your 7-day trial you will be able to:

  • search through thousands of relevant and link-active affiliates
  • understand their marketing activities
  • see which ones are promoting competitors in the sports vertical, and
  • create a Gap Analysis against your own program.

Here's a few to get you started - there are literally thousands more active publishers...


See more in the full platform...
Publisher Website Partners Contacts Social Relevance  44  1 Y 97  2  24 Y 92  9  2 91  6  1  Y 90  5  1 89
Filter for vertical niche affiliates:
  • Cycling
  • Sports Equipment
  • Fitness
  • Hunting
  • Outdoor

...and find thousands of affiliate partners filtered by geo or by network, to your ideal prospects.

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