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Finding Affiliates by Affiliate Network

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Growing beyond your network

Research has shown that only a small percentage of affiliates register with more than 5 affiliate networks. Which means that by only looking for new affiliates in your own network will limit your ability to grow your program. This article gives an idea of the range of networks now out there - and new tracking systems appear almost every month.

Different networks offer widely differing affiliate recruitment options, from almost nothing up to machine learning based technologies. Most networks include some form of affiliate finding tool within their system. The tools in Publisher Discovery enable users extend the search beyond their existing network to discover the best potential partners from all global affiliates.

Low Hanging Fruit

However you may not have exhausted looking inside your own network. An affiliate will usually submit a handful of their websites into their network account - but very rarely all of them.

Filter by your own network within a vertical search or in a competitor analysis, will show which websites are actually live on your network. We find even the websites you can't find in the network's own tools.

So by applying the filter, as in the pic, if your program is on Awin, you can look just for Awin affiliates; if you are using 2Checkout choosing Avangate affiliates will show all websites in a vertical that are linked to your network.

Wider View

Publisher Discovery will of course help you to see outside your network to affiliates across all affiliate networks. It can give you the extra 'secret sauce' to recruit more. The unique benefit with this is that you'll be able to look beyond your existing network partners.

Publisher Discovery's database of over three million affiliate websites is easy to filter but vertical, by geo and by competitors' affiliate connections. This makes the process of finding affiliates for growth of their publisher base so much easier and smoother.

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The Affiliate Networks

Publisher Discovery data is built on analysis of over 350 tracking networks. This is all filterable by 80 vertical market niches and by analysis of competitors' affiliates.

finding affiliates for growth

Global Network Analysis

Publisher Discovery is a leading source of analysis of affiliate networks and SaaS partnership providers.

You can see our latest research and download the White Paper here:

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