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The technology hardware market has been strong ever since the start of radio and TV. The pace of change and the growth has continued to accelerate yet further since the start of home computing, games and of course the internet.

The Business Research Company has said that the global computer hardware market is expected to grow from $862 billion in 2020 to $944 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 9.4%! And that's not slowing - it projects teh market as $1,178Bn by 2025.

North America accounts for the largest slice of this at 43% in 2020, with APAC next at 29%. So for a technology affiliate, that will likely inform where the best potential returns for their efforts will be.

Who are the tech affiliates?

Technology attracts real devotees, as you'll have seen in the often strongly worded pieces from the opposing camps of Windows and MacOS - or iOS and Android. With forthright opinions many of these bloggers have very loyal and engaged audiences that can prove powerful when targeted positively at a technology advertiser's product.

Don't forget that there are always new entrants into any market, especially in technology - like Fraser2theMax for instance, one of the biggest Roblox youtubers. Often newer affiliates will look to their peer group in forums or other influencers such as Adam Enfroy - here's his list of 105 best paying programs which many will follow.

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This is a fairly broad vertical category, covering computers and mobile, software and hi-fi. Of course each sub-category isn't a siloed group. As with all affiliates, the publishers will very likely have overlapping audiences - hifi enthusiasts may well be software users or of course music and film buffs as well.

So when searching by your own vertical as a merchant, don't forget that your target consumer also has other closely aligned interests. Analysis of these affiliates can yield very useful side audiences for your own products via a new type of affiliate.

Finding affiliates by keyword search

Very often a search by long tail keyword can be useful, as in this example below. Using the Publisher Discovery Chrome extension can save you hours by pointing out which of the sites are using affiliate links.

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How to find relevant technology affiliates?

The job of finding new and relevant affiliates - with good audiences - for the various technology niches is not a simple one.

Publisher Discovery has been built specifically to take the hard grind out of finding new affiliates in any vertical - as you can see with the Chrome extension example above. Increasingly, you'll find influencers who are now using affiliate links to monetize their content, both in social media and in their websites.

Find active affiliates with Publisher Discovery

This selection of affiliates and influencers is directly from the Publisher Discovery platform. Take a free trial and dig into the advertiser partnerships, social links and contact them directly to recruit them.

In your 7-day trial you will be able to:

  • search through thousands of relevant and link-active affiliates
  • understand their marketing activities
  • see which ones are promoting competitors, and
  • create a Gap Analysis against your own program.

Here's a few tech affiliates to get you started - there are literally thousands more in the app...


See more in the full platform...
Publisher Website Partners Contacts Social Relevance  12  8 Y 88  2  5  Y 88  16  34 Y 86  5  4 82  7  1  Y 78
Filter for more relevant results in each vertical niche:
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  • Editing Software
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...and find thousands of bloggers and affiliates by geo or by network, to your most relevant prospects.

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