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The pandemic has meant a big growth for many online food and drink merchants, both in groceries and in home delivery foods. A recent Statista report projects the online food delivery segment to reach nearly $32Bn in 2021 - with revenue growth of 12.2% in 2022!

In 2018 a Forbes article was suggesting that online food deliveries would reach $200Bn. Covid has changed all that and growth has been huge globally over the last two years. The Statista report has China on it's own projected to generate $189Bn for 2021.

The retail drinks sector overall was hit hard with closure of restaurants and bars on an almost global scale. Online drink merchants have benefited from people being quarantined at home with a bit uptick in home deliveries. This all makes for strong promotional prospects for affiliates and online content providers.

Foodie Bloggers & Influencers

As the numbers above suggest, food and drink is a very active sector for affiliates. The pandemic effect though it's also partly driven by steadily increasing TV content and interest in cooking generally.

For bloggers there are plenty of guides to find the best programs, so if you're a food advertiser, make sure your brand shows up in lists like that on Nichepursuits. It's worth also making sure you find them as well; the Publisher Discovery Chrome extension is an ideal tool for showing up which of the sites in google search are using affiliate links to short-cut the searching process.

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How to find relevant food and drink affiliates?

The job of finding new and relevant affiliates - with good audiences - for the food and drink sectors is not easy. Publisher Discovery has been built specifically to take the hard graft out of finding new affiliates in any vertical - as you can see with the Chrome extension example.

Find active affiliates with Publisher Discovery

This Case Study on Master of Malt shows how a solid approach and campaign of affiliate recruitment yields huge rewards.

This selection of affiliates is directly from the Publisher Discovery platform. Dig into the advertiser partnerships, social links and contact them directly to recruit them.

  • search through thousands of relevant and link-active affiliates
  • understand their marketing activities
  • see which ones are promoting competitors in the food and drink vertical, and
  • create a Gap Analysis against your own program.

Here's a few foodies to get you started - there are literally thousands more affiliates in the app...


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Publisher Website Partners Contacts Social Relevance  18  3 98  3  2  Y 93  1  17 92  28  5  Y 85  21  1  Y 84
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