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12 Mar, 2021 Emma Outerbridge 3 min read

Which Network? – New Feature

Which Network? – New Feature 12 Mar, 2021 3 min read   New Affiliate Network Details The Publisher Discovery platform is driven by our users’
17 Dec, 2020 Chris Tradgett 17 min read

What Does 2021 Promise for Affiliate Marketing?

Way back last December, little did we know what 2020 would promise for the world of affiliate marketing. In fact, the world itself felt a
25 Nov, 2020 Chris Tradgett 4 min read

Millions of Partner Opportunities

Our tech team have recently put in place a number of changes in the way that data is gathered. This has meant that we are
02 Nov, 2020 Emma Outerbridge 6 min read

PI Live Global 2020 Roundup

So, as they say “it’s a wrap!” on PI Live Global 2020. If you attended the online version of this important conference, like us, you’ll
12 Aug, 2020 Chris Tradgett 4 min read

Recruiting to Diversify Your Affiliate Program

Recruiting to Diversify Your Affiliate Program 12 Aug, 2020 4 min read   This article was originally published in PerformanceIn – 10 August 2020   Diversify your
29 Jul, 2020 Emma Outerbridge 6 min read

Which Type of Affiliate?

Which Type of Affiliate? 29 Jul, 2020 6 min read   This is based on the Webinar on 21 May 2020 Download the Slides Which
14 May, 2020 Chris Tradgett 7 min read

Recruiting Webhosting Affiliates

Recruiting Webhosting Affiliates 14 May, 2020 7 min read   NOTES AND RECORDING FROM WEBINAR 7 MAY 2020   FINDING WEBHOSTING AFFILIATES The Webhosting sector
28 Apr, 2020 Chris Tradgett 5 min read

Styles in Affiliate Recruiting

Styles in Affiliate Recruiting 28 Apr, 2020 5 min read   NOTES FROM THE WEBINAR – 23 APRIL 2020   This has been a difficult
20 Apr, 2020 Chris Tradgett 4 min read

Recruiting Fashion Affiliates

Recruiting Fashion Affiliates 20 Apr, 2020 5 min read   WEBINAR NOTES: APRIL 16 2020 Our recent Webinar, covering the fashion sector, was a brief
26 Mar, 2020 Chris Tradgett 7 min read

Affiliate and Coronavirus

Affiliate and Coronavirus 26 Mar, 2020 7 min read   This may seem a bit of a peripheral subject compared to the issues around the
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