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New tool gives instant affiliate insights!

Affiliate management intelligence has just got more transparent and easy to access. Publisher Discovery Affiliate Insights lets anyone now get an instant view of any advertiser or affiliate website in the Publisher Discovery database, totally free of charge. 

The tool shows details of a website's affiliate relationships from the database of over 2 Billion links in over 3.5 million affiliate website domains. You simply type in the website and choose the one you want insights on:

Advertiser intelligence

As long as the merchant website is live and online, the details come up instantly direct from our database. The detail screen then shows which networks are used, the mix of affiliate types and more. It also shows any increases or decreases in numbers of affiliate partners.

For an affiliate program manager, instant insights is perfect for a quick check for competitor benchmarking into any other advertiser’s affiliate and network relationships. 

It’s then simple to click on any of the metrics to dig in further as well and try the full platform for free with a trial account.

That enables an advertiser to see the details of each affiliate in depth. Users can also create a gap analysis against their own program to identify the relevant and valuable affiliates they’re missing out on. 

Affiliate insights

For affiliate managers looking to recruit new affiliates, the insights tool shows details on any publisher website using open affiliate links, linking to any of over 400,000 programs worldwide. 

A user can instantly get affiliate insights on which networks they connect to, how many programs they are promoting, the relevant market vertical and keywords.

Again, clicking on any of the elements enables a link through the full detail in the platform and any contact details in the platform. It also shows any contact details to make it a breeze to reach out and recruit the new affiliate - with help on identifying a website's publisher.

Given that so many influencers - and indeed advertiser partnerships are now also tracked on an affiliate basis, that extends the scope of opportunity even further. For those aiming for partner recruitment at scale, the platform offers tools for tracking contacting and adding notes against each potential new affiliate.

I can manage my time rather than diving into the affiliate network or through Google pages looking for affiliates. Saved me heaps of hours!". 

Stephon Anthony of Master of Malt

 “Publisher Discovery makes partner research a breeze. The platform is easy to use and their chrome extension saves time and puts you in the driving seat of growing your outbound affiliate and partner relationships.

Lee-Ann Johnstone of Affiliate Insider

Number Crunching to Save Hours in Recruiting Affiliates

 The AI and machine learning behind Publisher Discovery crunches the numbers to quickly help an advertiser find the right affiliates to promote their brand. You can use it for free for ever - or take the next step and let Publisher Discovery save you hours of research and recruiting time.

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