New Networks – & 600,000 Advertisers

600000 advertisers

Huge data update gives more opportunities

We recently added a big data update of new affiliate connections - to grow our database to over 600,000 advertisers.

The strides being made behind the scenes to develop Publisher Discovery are showing in increased opportunities to connect within the platform. Our objective is to ensure you can quickly find new and relevant affiliates, see some insights into them and their websites - and engage with them.

New Affiliate Networks

The Publisher Discovery database indexes well over 300 affiliate networks and tracking providers globally. Over 2.7 Billion links are being analysed across over 3.5 million publisher websites - and that number is increasing all the time. There are increasing numbers of tracking solutions now available, which our systems are identifying and adding to our databases.

The websites and links found are assessed and analysed monthly to identify new connections. The new connections discovered are then added to the platform along with any other details on the publisher or advertisers.

You can also read more on the insights we gain from this in our recent white paper.

Now Over 600,000 Advertisers

The past year has seen a lot of changes in the online advertising landscape, as we covered in recent articles, and we heard in recent conferences from PerformanceIn and the PMA. With the uncertainties across many markets, the pure performance basis of the affiliate model has shone out as being the most sustainable form of advertising partnership.

Changes in the way Facebook and Google are working have also impacted the affiliate and general digital advertising market. So many advertisers are moving towards engaging with content affiliate publishers.

This has led to a big increase in numbers of new merchant programs across almost all networks.  It's also seen a big growth of new SME focused solutions from several networks, such as Awin Access and Tradedoubler Grow.

The numbers of advertisers being discovered by our crawlers has therefore been steadily increasing. It has shot up from under 400,000 advertisers a year ago - to over 600,000; truly a massive step change!

Which Network?

If you're managing a program on an affiliate network, then one of the cool new tools in the platform is the Affiliate Networks identifier.

Every one of the affiliate website detail panels includes a note of which of the 600,000 advertisers - and the around 400 affiliate networks they are connected to.

So, in this example of Chinese website, iplaysoft, if your own program is running on CJ Affiliate it will be simple to recruit them via the CJ interface.

Recruit affiliates via your network

You can also filter the whole of the vertical you're working on by the Affiliate Network. So you can catch those 'low hanging fruit' - to recruit these new affiliates via the network internal recruiting tools.

Simple to try it out for yourself

Why not take a look for yourself at the difference using an intelligent affiliate finder makes. See some of the new merchants in the 600,000 advertisers in the platform.

choose kaspersky

Once you've added your own website type in your competitors and see their list of active affiliates - immediately!

Add in the rest of your competitors and you can see which affiliates are linked to each - and the relationships in the Gap Analysis view.

Test this out for free for a week and we challenge you not to find a few relevant and ideal partners - before you even take the step to add it into your weekly workflow!

The added insights you'll get from our amazing new Chrome browser extension will make your Publisher Discovery account even more valuable.

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