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crystal ball

What Does 2021 Promise for Affiliate Marketing?

We have asked some of our friends and partners in the industry for their thoughts and what to expect for 2021 in affiliate marketing, read more from Brian, Tara, Geno and Nic

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SEO and Affiliate Links

The Effect of Affiliate Links on Your SEO

Jim Banks of Spades Media in conversation with Chris Tradgett, examining what the effects are of affiliate links on your SEO and paid search both from an affiliate and advertiser perspective.

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Publisher Spotlight

Publisher Spotlight: Chris P King

Chris P King shares his story in affiliate marketing – from his days as affiliate manager for BT.com to travel and food blogger in Japan

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DADI Awards Nomination

We are very pleased to have received a nomination for the ‘DADI Awards 2020’. The Drum Awards for Digital Industries are one of the most prestigious events in the marketing calendar.

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PI Live Global 2020

Are You at PI Live Global 2020?

Get your ticket and meet Publisher Discovery at the new global performance marketing event, PI Live Global 2020

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Finding Toys Affiliates

The recent live demo was a session looking at how to find Toys & Games affiliates. Chris shows how the tools in Publisher Discovery make this really easy.

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branding and affiliates

Affiliates and Brand Building

We discussed how affiliates can be a key component in building a brand – and thought it would be the perfect subject for an online session.

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Taking Ownership of Publisher Growth

This article is based on a joint webinar with TUNE on publisher growth, tackling the issues around growing your affiliate program. View the full recording here.

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Christmas Planning

Planning Christmas in July

Notes from a recent webinar, Chris Tradgett was in conversation with Rick Magennis of Bearcat Media discussing planning Christmas in July

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PerformanceIn Live

Recruiting to Diversify Your Affiliate Program

This article was originally published in PerformanceIn – 10 August 2020 Diversify your affiliate portfolio Diversification of your affiliate program is looking…

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