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How Do You Start as an Affiliate Manager?

We are getting increasing numbers of new advertisers - and new affiliate managers using our platform and chrome extension.  Some are new to the role - and some new to affiliate. So, we thought it would be useful to provide a guide based on the experiences of some of our friends in the industry.

So here's a few thoughts on your new role, a brief look at some of the 35 Tips - and a link to download a copy for yourself. Don't forget to check out the extra resources further down.

New to the Role?

new affiliate manager

Affiliate management is still a relatively new role having become a thing around 20 years ago. There have been increasing numbers of new merchants and advertisers opening up affiliate programs - many brand new to the sector. That has meant new affiliate managers - sometimes with just an outline understanding of what it entails.

So we've collected together some advice and tips for anyone new to the role to put in place straight away - and start making a difference today.

Get Expert Advice

We talked to some of the leading writers and speakers in the industry and collected 35 of the key pieces of advice you'll need to start as a new affiliate manager.

Some are simple tasks you can put in place immediately; others will take time to achieve. But, all will help you move your program forward to delivering great ongoing business from some quality affiliate partners.

Here's a few snippets from the download book to whet your appetitite!

First Steps

If you've already an idea of what the role entails that's great; if not then this guide should help you add some structure. So your first actions as a new affiliate manager is to understand how you divide your time up. Back in 2014, leading speaker, Geno Prussakov gave a valuable template for how to divide your week up:

  • 40% of time is spent on affiliate recruitment 
  • 35% of time – on affiliate activation, education, and support of communication channel (both one-on-one and newsletters) 
  • 10% of time – on compliance policing and enforcement 
  • 10% of time – on competitive intelligence and affiliate program optimization (based on what we learn from the intelligence as well as our own successes) 
  • 5% of time – on reports 

Broadly the fundamentals haven't really changed since then (you can read a lot more in the AM Navigator blog post) and the guide expands further on that.

Read and Listen to Others

Most people will advise you to read up as much as you can as this is a very dynamic industry. Read case studies such as this from Master of Malt.

There are also some handy training resources (read more in this recent blog post) some of which are free to view. You'll usually find plenty of shared knowledge in your affiliate network's own blog.

Don't forget to use your downtime to listen in to some of the excellent podcasts being published on Podcasts > Listen in to them live or subscribe via your favourite provider.

...and Meet Them!

PI Live affiliate conference

Affiliate is a very social place and you need to be a part of it. Join some of the affiliate groups on Facebook, Linkedin and elsewhere - and maybe join the PMA.

Also make space in your calendar for some of the key affiliate conferences in the calendar. This is an invaluable opportunity for a new affiliate manager to connect personally (and share a coffee or a beer) with your affiliates and to meet with potential new affiliates.

Use tools like Publisher Discovery to identify relevant affiliates - and email them to arrange a meeting prior to the event. At some, like Affiliate Summit West there may be up to 6,000 people, so nailing meetings in your calendar is essential. And, don't forget, if you travel to a different timezone, make sure your online calendar knows. I know quite a few people who miss meetings through this!

Get your copy of the 35 Top Tips - just click on the button and let us know who you are.

"Publisher Discovery’s 35 Top Tips for Affiliate Managers is a must-read for anyone looking to create or enhance a fledgling affiliate program. Not only does it address many of the questions and concerns a program manager is likely to encounter, but it deftly answers them while sharing the stage with some of the best and brightest in the industry..."
"If there’s a better resource to help you get started on the road to affiliate success, we haven’t found it yet. Consider this an essential download and get your copy now!"

Jamie Birch, Founder/CEO JEBCommerce

Other Resources

Feel free to access our other freely available resources to help on your journey.

Affiliate Podcasts > - Collection of affiliate podcast publishers

Chrome Browser Extension > - Free to use - with option to see more details

Affiliate Networks | Global Insights > - Global survey of affiliate networks' share of market

Affiliate Glossary > - A brief guide to the dozens of affiliate-specific terminology, so you can sound like an old hand from the start!


Chris Tradgett

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