Keeping an Affiliate Program Fresh

Keeping your program fresh

How is your Affiliate Program Performing?

In such a dynamic industry as affiliate, it's always tough to keep your program fresh. That is important to retain the interest and support of your existing partners as well as for attracting new affiliates.

If your affiliate program is not showing as strong a recovery from recent global events, then it could be time for a bit of analysis.

It's important to keep up to date, so some our friends and partners in affiliate have shared their thoughts and ideas in our 35 Top Tips download booklet. Click the link to download a copy for yourself. Don't forget to check out some of the extra resources further down.

Re-energise a mature program

The advice and tips are from some of the leading voices in the industry - which you can put in place straight away - and start on the road to fresh today.

Some are simple tasks you can put in place immediately; others will take time to achieve. But, all will help you move your program forward to delivering great ongoing business from some quality affiliate partners.


Here's a few snippets from the download book to whet your appetitite!

Find out why it's struggling

One of the first things you should do is to run a full account audit. That will give you the data to properly understand so of the main levers in your hands:

  • who are your key publishers?
  • have any become less active - or changed their links?
  • who are your competitors - are there new entrants?
  • how does your program stack up against them all?

You need to have your finger on the pulse. There's no better way to do that than by speaking to your affiliates – and especially the one’s who haven’t show up in recent reports. Don't be afraid to hear bad news as that's what will help you freshen it up. 

Re-energise a mature program

Sometimes a program that's been live and successfully driving sales can slow for a number of reasons. Check that your commissions and almost as important, your own website conversion rate are still in the right space. An affiliate will invest time in promoting your brand for as long as it delivers enough return on their time. So, make sure you're still competitive.

Keep your program fresh and up to date with the latest tech and ensure your program is the most relevant for your affiliates. It's not just about adding new banners and coupon codes. Talking to your affiliates will identify opportunities to create bespoke articles, landing pages and imagery to help them get the best conversion to sale.

And, once you've got the plates spinning again of course, you need to keep the affiliates engaged. As Jim Webster says, “Affiliates choose to participate in affiliate programs for a reason”. So you need to ensure that the choice a publisher makes to join your program is rewarded with them being included in your plans at all stages.

Read more in the download booklet

These are just a few snippets of handy advice in the booklet. It gives many more tips along with links to pieces by some of the brightest minds in the industry to add a little fresh and help you get back on track!

"Publisher Discovery’s 35 Top Tips for Affiliate Managers is a must-read for anyone looking to create or enhance a fledgling affiliate program. Not only does it address many of the questions and concerns a program manager is likely to encounter, but it deftly answers them while sharing the stage with some of the best and brightest in the industry..."
"If there’s a better resource to help you get started on the road to affiliate success, we haven’t found it yet. Consider this an essential download and get your copy now!"

Jamie Birch, Founder/CEO JEBCommerce

Meeting up again

You've probably noticed that live affiliate events are starting up and should help us all to pick up - and hopefully find loads more fresh ideas to build a stronger program. See the latest dates on Affiliate Conferences > - next up of course is PI Live > - we look forward to meeting you there!

PI Live affiliate conference

Other Resources

Feel free to access our other freely available resources to help on your journey.

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Chris Tradgett

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