Three Reasons to Recruit Affiliates Now Rather Than Later

Three Reasons to Recruit Affiliates Now Rather Than Later Summer is just around the corner and a long, cold winter is finally behind us – so it’s hardly time to start talking about Christmas again, right? This may feel deeply upsetting but, in fact, I’m here to tell you that it’s precisely what you should […]

New Partnership with Everflow

New Partnership with Everflow 20 Sep, 2021 Tom Bourne 3 min read Publisher Discovery + Everflow We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Everflow, the ‘Smarter Partner Marketing and Tracking Platform’. Everflow was the vision of the team who’d already built and exited an early web business. They saw the need for a […]

Partner Recruitment Innovation for Partnerize

Partner Recruitment Innovation for Partnerize 20 Jul, 2021 Tom Bourne 4 min read Exclusive Integration with Partnerize Leads Industry on Partner Marketing Recruitment and Activation We are excited to announce an integrated partnership with the leading SaaS partnership automation provider, Partnerize, setting the industry standard for simplified partner recruitment and activation among SaaS providers. The […]

Evolution of Recruiting Affiliates

Recently our CMO, Chris Tradgett was interviewed by Rick Magennis on the subject of recruiting affiliates. Rick is the founder of Affiliate Management Expo which is coming up in February.

They talked about how brands and affiliates have changed during 2020 and how a focus on quality over quantity in recruiting is more important than ever. What makes this conversation really interesting is that they shared thoughts about improving the recruitment process and common mistakes of brands in recruiting affiliates.

DADI Awards Nomination

DADI Awards Nomination 23 Oct, 2020 Tom Bourne 3 min read We are very pleased with our recent nomination for the DADI Awards 2020, jointly with Master of Malt and their network, Affiliate Future. The prestigious ‘Drum Awards for Digital Industries’ are a key event on the media calendar and we’re very pleased to be included. […]