DADI Awards Nomination

DADI Awards

DADI Finalist 300x170 1We are very pleased with our recent nomination for the DADI Awards 2020, jointly with Master of Malt and their network, Affiliate Future.

The prestigious ‘Drum Awards for Digital Industries’ are a key event on the media calendar and we’re very pleased to be included.

We outlined our work with Master of Malt in a recent article, which outlined the excellent affiliate recruiting campaign. The objective was to find new affiliates to grow the program. Over 50 new high-value affiliates were recruited in the campaign, with a big saving in account management time spent recruiting. Most importantly, the campaign drove significantly increased overall online sales, with a 26% increase directly attributable to the new affiliates discovered.

Master of Malt is a premium retailer of Malt Whiskies and spirits and deliverer of ‘amazing drinks experiences’. As they put it; it’s so much more satisfying for than being just another online booze retailer!

The company, established back in the 1980s has a fascinating back story. They moved early from mail order to online in the early 2000s and built a strong position in the market. That led to a major investment in 2018 from ZX Ventures, part of the InBev group (Anheuser/Busch) which has enabled further growth.

Affiliate Future

Master of Malt® 300x50 1 1

Affiliate Future was established back in 1999 and has consistently been a strong performing network in the UK market. More recently the network has grown to Europe, South America and Australia, now having over 600 advertisers and a large affiliate base.

We have had a long relationship with the team at Affiliate Future, who were very early adopters of our AI technologies. They were the first network to implement our in-network recommender tool, which is available to all their advertisers. This analyzes all the network affiliates and then uses AI to recommend new partnerships based on relevance and potential value. The app also includes the full Publisher Discovery global view of all markets and verticals to extend advertisers scope for recruiting affiliates.

Publisher Discovery

You can see how the Publisher Discovery platform can work for you; and save hours of searching to find new affiliates. Take the Free Trial, with no obligation, just by hitting the button.

Just choose your market vertical and filter down from the millions of affiliates to your own geo. Then take a peek at your competitors’ affiliates and see which ones you’re missing out on; and reach out to engage with them. It’s really that simple!

We look forward to working with you!


Tom Bourne

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