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We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Everflow, the 'Smarter Partner Marketing and Tracking Platform'. Everflow was the vision of the team who’d already built and exited an early web business. They saw the need for a platform that addressed the complexities, scale and functionality required by modern marketers - and Everflow was born.

Technically Advanced Tracking Toolbox

Everflow partners with a variety of agency and technical solutions providers to provide support in ecommerce integration, fraud prevention and other core processes. This gives Everflow users a powerful set of tools to manage partner marketing more effectively, manage program and business growth - up to 10Bn actions a month - and still be able to drill down to every conversion and data point.

The recent announcement of the SKAdNetwork solution is the answer to how attribution is done in the mobile performance marketing space. This is in addition to Everflow’s already robust mobile tracking infrastructure.

Finding Affiliates with Publisher Discovery

The Publisher Discovery integration gives Everflow users the ability to discover new affiliate partners to grow their affiliate activities. The platform enables them to analyze their competitors' affiliate programs and find new affiliates in over 80 verticals and most geo markets. The powerful AI-driven tools help with filtering the data down to the most relevant and valuable potential partners and engage with them.

Unlike the traditional network model, where all advertisers have access to all the affiliates on the network, Everflow advertisers value that their own relationships are not a general resource. The power of Publisher Discovery lies in being able to access everyone else’s affiliates and understand those relationships - and reach out and recruit them.

Listen in to the Fireside Chat

Recruiting the right partners can be one of the most challenging aspects to building a scalable affiliate program. Nailing this process could be what turns a decent program into a thriving one.

Chris Tradgett from Publisher Discovery was in conversation with Michael Cole of Everflow a while back covering this issue. Listen in >

Publisher Discovery for Everflow advertisers

Publisher Discovery has been available for a while to Everflow clients as an add on. Now with our extended partnership with Everflow, these tools are being offered as an integral component for Everflow Plus accounts. 

Clients on Traction or Starter packages are still able to add Publisher Discovery to their account as a simple add on. Just talk to your account manager to get set up for finding new affiliates. 

See more on our Everflow partnership page >


Tom Bourne

CEO, Publisher Discovery

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