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Affiliate Recruitment can be a time-consuming process and Publisher Discovery has been developed specifically to do the hard work for you. The concept was developed from our founders' practical experience of recruiting affiliates for programs in network, agency and merchant roles.

The technology has gone through a couple of iterations to arrive at our current AI-driven platform. This is used daily by network, agency and merchant account managers to do exactly what we envisioned - to find new affiliates more easily!

The latest innovation in the platform is our new Recommendations tool. This looks through the 3,500,000 affiliate websites we see and assesses them, partly based on the advertisers they are linking to and the keywords discovered.

What It Does

Current users of the platform can already see relevant websites by their own market vertical to see the most relevant and valuable new affiliates. The app also enables analysis of their competitors' affiliates to find opportunities there.

This enhanced affiliate finder will enable you to generate custom recommendations based simply on your own website and market. The tool is driven by our unique AI and machine learning processes to give you sites that we estimate to be highly relevant.

The websites in recommendations will be different to those visible in the My Vertical and My Competitors tools views. The machine learning in each of these views is specific to the vertical or competitors. Recommendations is specific to the advertiser site entered as My Website into the app and showing in the Gap Analysis.

Of course being based on machine learning, we love users to interact with the machine – and let it know how close each one is with a 'thumbs up' or down. This feeds into the machine learning to fine-tune the recommendations being made.

How We Do It

The rankings for each recommendation are generated using multiple machine learning techniques, looking at each advertiser an affiliate is promoting, and how relevant they are to your brand.

You can expect to see the unexpected in some cases. The affiliate site may not appear to be a direct match in terms of content with  recommendations being based on the affiliate's audience. The publisher will focus on advertisers which are relevant and which convert for them - so they should perform equally well for your program.

As an example, a cosmetic dentistry review site was showing as highly relevant for a fashion brand. At first that may appear odd, though looking at their blog, the fashion aspect was clear.

One think to bear in mind is that if there is no website specified, then the app will default to your email domain. For agency or network users, let support know if you need help in setting this up.

All the affiliate websites presented to you in the new feature will have contact details as you can see in the example; plus social accounts where available. You just need to reach out and invite them to work with you – simple as that. Just go to the Recommendations tab in your app:

Recommendations Menu


We encourage users to feedback an assessment and Rate each site – with a thumbs up or thumbs down. This will help our engine learn what sites each user likes – and which will be less useful, to help the engine deliver even better results as time goes on.

If you like what you see we’d love to get your feedback as well – just drop us a note to



The Publisher Discovery Team

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