A ‘Fireside Chat’ with Everflow

A ‘Fireside Chat’ with Everflow

A ‘Fireside Chat’ with Everflow

01 - 1 October 2020
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The Amazing Agility of Affiliate

Chris TradgettPublisher Discovery CMO will be in a ‘fireside chat’ with Michael Cole of Everflow on the innate agility of affiliate marketing as a discipline.

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They’ll be discussing some of the key issues in the affiliate channel. In recent months, the flexibility and adaptability of this industry has shone a light on the Affiliate channel. C-suite marketers now recognise these key strengths; not least that they helped the sector out-perform other channels against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic.

Chris and Michael cover more around the challenges facing the industry – and the opportunities arising from changing technologies. We look forward to ‘meeting’ you online.

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