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The Publisher Discovery SaaS platform is extremely flexible and adaptable.
We partner with Affiliate Network, SaaS and OPM partners
to provide a broader service for their clients.

Publisher Discovery works closely with Affiliate Networks, technology providers and other technology partners in the affiliate space. Our advanced AI technologies are helping these partners drive significant efficiencies and increased effectiveness in network operations.


Key Partners

Affiliate FutureAffiliate Future were our beta partners developing the Network Recommender tools. Our partnership has enabled advertisers to discover and engage with thousands of new affiliates. See the Master of Malt case study in our blog.

TUNETUNE include Publisher Discovery as part of their Scale and Custom advertiser packages, and available as an upgrade to all other advertisers and partners.

FMTCPublisher Discovery is available as an upgrade to FMTC advertiser partners and billed as part of their overall influencer marketing


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Analyse your clients' competitors' affiliates
Apply AI and machine learning to affiliate recruitment
Understand the affiliate landscape more fully
Manage advertisers' affiliates more effectively

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