Platform Update: Affiliates Recommended by Market Vertical

Platform Update: Affiliates Recommended by Market Vertical

Find New Affiliates by Market Vertical

We are very excited to be lifting the lid on the latest update to the Publisher Discovery platform. Websites in the app can now be analysed by vertical!

When getting started (or for users, when logging in), you simply choose your vertical from over 80 sectors. The app selects affiliates from the two million publisher websites in the platform, who link to over 330,000 advertiser programs around the world. You then see these sites arranged by Relevance to the sector – as well as the traffic score for each site.

This truly is exactly what I’d have wanted to use when I was managing affiliate programs. It’s been an exciting journey from there – and now I’m more excited to be launching this so others can find the ideal new affiliates to recruit.


Each of the two million websites has a weighting applied for each vertical, using advanced AI and machine learning techniques and based on the content and the affiliate programs they connect to. Each is also allocated a Traffic Score to assess the usefulness of each site for your campaign.

When the vertical is selected, users can see thousands of websites in the list. This list can then be filtered down or sorted by Traffic Score, to group high relevance websites by their volume potential.

This will further enhance the finding and recruitment capabilities of the platform. We’ve been very excited by the successes our users have shared with us recently. We hear from Affiliate Future that their account managers can save up to five hours a week on affiliate recruitment. The recent PerformanceIn article shared the amazing program growth achieved by Master of Malt driven by their recruitment campaign – you can read more about that in our blog post.

As this view shows, there are over 80 verticals to pick from; users can easily choose from the drop down list.

All the usual tools are there to check on affiliate websites with outline affiliate analysis. The tools show their social accounts and emails; as well as any other sites they may run. Each month users have the option to switch to another view as above, and take a look at the sites in similar sectors.

For team working, there’s the option to add a favourite star – or a hide button for the sites that don’t fit the strategy. We’re always keen to talk about options for larger OPMs and networks – so feel free to get in touch with us.


Existing users will still be able to access their competitor analysis information via the My Competitors tab.  The view shows affiliates linking to each advertiser in analysis, with Relevance and Traffic as well as all the social and email details as before.

There are account options to view from just 3 up to to unlimited competitors in the platform. Users can also choose to change between plans each month as their recruitment needs change. You can see more here – and take out a free trial to give it a test drive!


In the platform update, we’ve made another useful addition to this tool in adding the Traffic Score into the list. So as well as choosing to sort by each competitor, you can now sort the whole list by traffic to quickly identify the strongest potential partners.

GAP Analysis

Of course, it’s easy to click on each line to see the same level of detail on each website – and to reach out, engage with potential new affiliates and contact them to recruit.


At the moment we are offering a 7 Day Free Trial so you can see exactly how this app can work for you. Just click on the button below – we look forward to helping you find your best affiliates!

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