Focus on Countries

Focus on Countries

Update: Focus on Countries to Expand Your Reach

We’re excited to announce another platform update – with a filter to focus on Countries. This adds to the recent major platform update which added the view of affiliates by Vertical.

Countries Filtering

This new filter tool lists all the Countries in all geos, searchable at Region or Country level. This enables affiliate managers to search across broad geo regions or targeted to individual country markets depending on the focus. This deceptively simple looking drop-down filter is however driven by powerful AI-driven algorithm. ​With the Verticals view, this is a key enabler for drilling down from a broad view to the most relevant potential partnerships.

Defining Country

The feature was a major undertaking led by Sebastian Toke-Nichol, our Head of AI, to deal with all the potential variations discovered in our huge data resource. All of the two million affiliate websites were analysed within the platform and weighted to show which countries they are focused.

This of course isn’t as simple as Germany showing .de websites! There are some strange outliers that need to be allowed for that fall outside that narrow definition. There are some geos such as Australia where a website with a extension will very likely be owned by an Australian citizen. At the other end of the scale, a .com website can be targeting pretty much anywhere in the world.

Sebastian describes the issues that had to be solved. “Our new country code filter finds affiliates by territory and country. For UK sites with a .com domain this can be a very difficult challenge, especially when using techniques like entity extraction which typically find entities from multiple countries.  Instead Publisher Discovery uses its proprietary technology to give a sorted set of rankings. This shows which countries an affiliate is most likely to operate in.” 

This means that users will have a pretty good steer on the focus on each of the affiliate websites in our database.

Focusing In

The filter tool is simple to use in the right-hand control panel. This example homing in on dating affiliates in Canada shows:

Social media accounts and email addresses are also shown where available, so users can reach out and engage with the affiliates. Publisher Discovery users have already reported amazing results from recruiting affiliates via our platform, even before this launch, as this case study shows. These additional tools make the task of searching for new affiliate partners that much faster and more effective.

Robin of describes this as “The new Publisher Discovery Tool is a game changer for affiliate recruitment. This should be the first stop for any advertisers’ recruiting efforts!“.

Try it Yourself

Take a free trial to see how this will help in your own affiliate recruitment. Save yourself time across the activities needed to find new affiliates and see your programme and revenues grow.

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