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Toys & Games Affiliates

We recently gave a live demo looking at how to find Toys & Games affiliates. The Publisher Discovery platform makes this really easy – and makes it easy to recruit them.

In the demo, which we recorded, Chris Tradgett talked through the opportunities facing affiliate managers. With the trends moving towards online retail, a 25-35% growth in online sales is being predicted for this Q4. In the Toys & Games vertical this is compounded by the prediction that 43.4% of UK toys & games sales will be made online by 2022.

This has been driven by tech advances along with a big move online, as simplified and streamlined ecommerce systems have made buying online much more widely accepted by all demographics. This year Walmart in the US has launched their online toy lab ready for the holiday season, so retailer focus is now moving to online. Toys affiliates will be a strong route to take advantage of these trends. Their adaptability has been proven over recent months so retailer focus should be firmly on this powerful channel.

Many commentators are stressing the importance of growing and diversifying your affiliate base. This will be critical now heading for the busiest online Black Friday and Christmas ever. You can hear more valuable insights in another recent webinar, focusing on ‘Christmas in July‘.

You need to be recruiting now to take advantage of this, if you’re looking to engage with toys and games affiliates. Luckily we can help you with that. There’s some great tips and insights in the demo on how to find engage with new affiliates. Just leave your details and you can watch it straight away.

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