Planning Christmas in July

Published by Emma Outerbridge 14 August, 2020

How to Plan for a Successful Q4


The world has changed a lot since Christmas 2019 – and that may mean we need to plan differently. In ecommerce, you really need to be asking “how can I  plan for ‘Christmas in July’“. We tackled this, and answered pretty well, in a recent webinar, when Chris Tradgett was in conversation with Rick Magennis of Bearcat Media.

Rick shared his experience to take us through the steps needed to plan well ahead of Q4, for a successful holiday season. Rick also shared some examples of best practice for planning and executing a successful affiliate campaign for Christmas and the Holiday season.

Diversify Your Affiliate Base

The session covers in detail the practical steps you can put in place to make sure you have a strong plan to maximize the opportunity around Q4. Chris shared insights around one of the hottest topics of the moment, in diversifying your affiliate portfolio.

At a time when many affiliates have had their revenues impacted by closed or paused programs, this is an ideal time to be reaching out to recruit new affiliates. Recruiting to add that diversification, does two things. First, it is a great way for managing your risk and exposure to changes in the affiliate market; Second, adding new partners into your affiliate program extends your reach into their audiences. It really is a win/win strategy!

With all that in place, you should be left with your Christmas all wrapped up! You can access the webinar slides and video of the webinar below.

Hear More in the Podcast

Chris and Rick carried on this conversation  around affiliate discovery on the podcast on the Rick Magennis Show  – you can listen to the show here:

A wide ranging discussion on why a diverse affiliate portfolio is essential to program success at this critical time.


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You can watch the recording of the webinar whenever you like, via the link below.


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