Cloudfind Launches AI-Driven App to Match Advertisers to Affiliate Publishers


FIrst published in | 12 October 2018

“Finding good affiliate partners to recruit can be difficult and time-consuming. We’ve automated this task to make the process quick, easy and with the added bonus – it generates better results”


Tech startup Cloudfind has today (October 10) launched a new app that will instantly match advertisers to the right affiliate publishers on a network.

Utilising AI and machine learning technology, Cloudfind claims that the platform will provide clarity to the ‘saturated’ databases affiliate networks currently hold, helping advertisers find the right affiliate partners to suit their business needs.


Learning from existing affiliate partnerships, the app views several areas such as transactions and engagement that take place through an affiliate network, working out which publishers are best suited for an advertiser. The data is then analysed to generate recommendations with each one tailored specifically to the advertiser’s needs. This can be filtered based on relevance, perceived value or total score – for example, which affiliates are likely to drive you the most sales.

Cloudfind gives each affiliate a score by calculating their transactions, engagement and the relevance of the content on their website, allowing advertisers to find the best affiliate partners more efficiently – with Cloudfind doing all the hard work for you.


Cloudfind’s innovative solution tackles the problem for advertisers looking to affiliate discovery, to work with new partners to grow their business.

Finding the right affiliates to work with is no easy task and can often be time-consuming due to the process of advertisers searching through an affiliate network’s large database to find the right partner. Cloudfind aims to bridge the intermediaries between network, affiliate and advertiser – all in one efficient process.

In support of the app launch, Cloudfind CEO Tom Bourne confirmed the platform will first run on the Affiliate Future network, with other networks looking to come on board in due course.

“Finding good affiliate partners to recruit can be difficult and time-consuming. We’ve automated this task to make the process quick, easy and with the added bonus – it generates better results,” said Tom.

“We install our app on the Affiliate Future network. We look at all transactions that go through their platform and learn what works and what doesn’t. We then make recommendations using this information. Advertisers sign up to our platform through the AF network and in doing so can contact and recruit directly from our product. It is a white label solution and will appear to be part of the AF network.”

Working with Tom on the launch of the Cloudfind App, Affiliate Future’s head of client services, John Vickers said: “their AI engine is superb, analysing data from an advertiser’s account while producing meaningful results quickly.”

“Publisher recruitment is important for the growth of programmes but can be quite labour intensive,” he said; “Now, by using Cloudfind, advertisers can discover relevant publishers in minutes rather than hours.  The app is easy to understand, simple to use and immediately actionable. The integration with AF means our advertisers can start analysing their own publisher base and recruit new ones without leaving our interface!”

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