The Team has grown – Say hi to Dominic Joseph-Barrett

Welcome to the team

We would like to officially welcome Dominic Joseph-Barrett to the team as our New Business Manager.

Dom (or Dommo) is here to assist with all customer enquiries, to drive customer success across all areas of the business. Whether you're an existing customer or new to Publisher Discovery, he is the man to ask.

We were planning to write the usual corporate statement to introduce him formally, about how excited we are for him to be joining the team, and how his skills will drive the business etc, but we thought - we've read that all before. So to change things up a bit, we asked Dom if he could write about himself;

"I have always been about people. Socialising is my thing, and this is the primary reason I decided to study Psychology at University - to understand human behaviour extensively. I do not like to take myself too seriously so a direct career in Psychology was not for me. This led me on to a career in Sales where I was able to meet and talk to different people each day and of course, make extra money while doing so.

My experience has predominantly been within software and tech and I was recently working at Wowcher, helping merchants to increase their revenue by discounting their most popular services.

I am so excited to begin my journey at Publisher Discovery. They have an amazing vision, work ethic and I am excited to add to its superb reputation.

Work aside, here's some fun and interesting facts about me. My favourite colour is Apple Green (granny smith not golden delicious, to be precise), I love house music, I used to train in Latin and Ballroom and I have an uncomfortable fear of overflowing toilets."

Now if you would like to set up some time to speak to Dom, you can do so using the button below, but don't say we didn't warn you about his charm...

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