Partners, Networks and Social Media – New Features! March 2021

New Features

Our team have been busy adding some new features to the app, including Partner visibility, Networks and Social Media Links. These features have been requested by some of our users, to help with filtering and identifying opportunities more precisely.

New Features: General Filters

Network Filters

As you can see from the screenshot, as well as being able to filter by country in the right hand panel, you can also now filter by Affiliate networks.

This means that you can apply a filter to see the publishers in either a Vertical view or Competitors view, to ones that are linking to your own network. It makes it simpler to reach out via your network's internal recruiting tool where these are available.

Do bear in mind that Publisher Discovery sees all websites where an affiliate has placed a link. So, if they have entered one site in the network profile the website we find may not be there. It is still easier as the site owner is linking to your network.


Additions to the Publisher Detail Panel

Partners List

As you can see above, as well as showing which networks they are seen as linking to, we have now added a list of Partners. This shows which advertisers they are partnered with. This means it will be easier to find highly focused publishers linking to your direct competitors if that is important to you, as opposed to generalist publishers linking to advertisers in multiple verticals.

At present, the list will also include some of the network tracking domains, but we're working on that.


PS - you'll also notice that we've applied auto-focus so you'll not need to place the cursor with your mouse before typing to add an advertiser!

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