Finding the Ideal Affiliates for Flights

Finding Flights Affiliates

How do you find new affiliates for flights?

It's a double question as they may be new to you - or to the industry. Publisher Discovery has been built specifically to take the pain out of finding new affiliates in any vertical. The task of finding air travel affiliates who are keen to build new relationships has been changed by the market in 2020-21.

Find you new flights publishers with Publisher Discovery

This selection of affiliates is directly from the Publisher Discovery platform. Take a free trial and dig into the advertiser partnerships, social links and contact them directly to recruit them.

In your 7-day trial you will be able to:

  • search through thousands of potential new relevant affiliates
  • understand their marketing style
  • see which are promoting competitors in the travel vertical, and
  • create a Gap Analysis against your own program.
Filter for vertical niche affiliates:
  • Accessories
  • Accommodation
  • Car Hire
  • Cruises
  • Flights
  • Holidays / Vacation
  • Parking / Transfers

...and see thousands of potential new affiliate partners.

Have 7-Days on us - we really want to make sure you find your next big travel affiliate partner!

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How is Life for Flights Affiliates?

There's been a bit written to advise and help publishers promoting airline programs. Travelpayouts suggests that the key trends for the market include:

  • People are eager to travel
  • Aviation will be slow to recover with depressed fares
  • Increase in 'alternative' accommodations
  • Growth of domestic vacationing; but...
  • People are planning to travel abroad
  • More sustainable travel

Affiliates are advised to explain safety measures, covid testing and changes in airport procedures. They advise "time to create new content, communicate with your audience, keep up with trends, and do travel blogging".

You can read the full and illuminating article on the Travelpayouts blog.

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