Looking for the Best New Dating Affiliates

Finding the Best New Dating Affiliates

Which affiliates Perform Best for Dating?

If you're already managing a successful dating program you'll have analysis on what type of partners are driving volume - and which are driving conversions. So it's not a simple question.

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Affiliates driving high volumes are likely to be the most valuable, so long as quality of the traffic is monitored. Over the past year when consumers weren't as able to actually meet a new date, sector revenues have been depressed. However, according to Statista, average revenue per user has risen.

So it will have been key to discover and work with dating affiliates with engaged audiences - so largely content driven. Don't discount other channel specific affiliates such as PPC or email, as they can be tactically very useful partners.

The Affiliate Relationship

One of the most common questions asked is 'how can I hire affiliate marketers'. This is actually not far from a reality. Most of the best performing affiliates should be considered as hiring a specialist consultant; having that view of them helps an affiliate manager to consider this as a business partnership.

Most are indeed channel specialists, whether as SEO affiliates, PPC affiliates or content publishers of varying types. All are effectively performance based consultants backing up all your other channel activity - affiliate isn't actually a channel - it's a business model!

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As mentioned above finding quality content affiliates is the hardest tasks for a program manager. Publisher Discovery has been built specifically to take the pain out of finding new dating affiliates - or in any vertical.

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