Finding New Partners with Affiliate Future 2021

Affiliate Future

Finding New Partners with Affiliate Future 2021

26 - 26 January 2021


A celebration of the exciting integration with the Affiliate Future network. The Publisher Discovery tools help advertisers in finding new partners simply and effectively.

This was a live webinar with Chris Tradgett Chris Tradgett and Chloe Prockter will give a session on recruiting affiliates with Publisher Discovery and how it all works. They walked through the app in your merchant account and share best practice tips on finding and recruiting new affiliates.

See more on how this partnership delivers real benefits for advertisers in this case study on Master of Malt. The tools helped deliver a huge return on investment – and over 26% growth in website sales. See how you can use the same tools and apply the same techniques to grow your own affiliate programme.

Join us for a live webinar and see how you can grow your affiliate programme ready for a successful 2021.

Contact your account manager to find out more - or read more on our Partner page:

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