Affiliate Links & SEO – 12 November


Affiliate Links & SEO – 12 November

12 - 12 November 2020

The Effect of Affiliate Links on Your SEO

Join us for a discussion between our Chris Tradgett and industry veteran Jim Banks on Affiliate links and SEO. Jim brings over 20 years of experience in natural and paid search and years as a keynote speaker on the SEO conference circuit to the table.

Jim will give the benefit of his considerable experience in search, on how affiliate links act on an advertiser’s SEO and PPC campaigns. We’ll also cover the impact of monetization links on a publishers SEO & PPC and other areas of search and affiliate.

We’ll talk about how that has changed over the 18 years or so we’ve both been involved in affiliates – both from affiliates and advertisers’ viewpoints. We’ll also reference real-life examples to illustrate – such as that of Marie from the CurvyFashionista

Join us for what should be a fascinating conversation! …and, watch out for the article following the webinar, where we’ll outline the key points covered.

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You can read some of the outcomes from this and see the full recording of this session on the blog post.

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