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Data Update

February Data Update

The Publisher Discovery engineering team have had a busy start to 2021, with a significant data update and there are more feature updates coming. Users will already have noticed one obvious change with the addition of a Saved Publishers tab in the platform. We’ve more great features planned for Q1 to help our clients find and work with new affiliates more effectively.



Less obvious will be some of the changes in the underlying data and in how we manage it. We recently announced the huge increase in numbers of affiliate websites being analyzed in a recent article where we highlighted the Three Million sites in the platform.

The changes in server structure in the latest update have delivered something else more tangible; noticeable speed improvements in the UI. Filters now render over 20x faster than before giving really quick results. You can see how quick by joining one of our regular Finding Affiliates sessions online.

We’re constantly improving our underlying platform infrastructure part of ongoing development. Our CTO, Rob Haswell, says of the recent changes “Most of what we’ve been working on has been very much behind the scenes, to deliver a much quicker response. We’ve also extended our indexation of tracking and publisher websites, and are bringing in additional email and social contacts“.


There were some small changes in labelling that users will have noticed, changing from Favorite to Saved. This was to simplify the Saved Publishers feature and the naming throughout the app.

As this example shows, it’s very easy to discover new affiliate partners that are relevant and potentially valuable. Then really simple to click the star to Saved Publishers.

For agencies working in teams, an account director will go through to identify potential new affiliates which they pass to an account exec. The team can then reach out and recruit the new affiliates to the program and then record the outcome in the platform.


You can see more in the next ‘Find Affiliates Live’ session – just register via our Event page.

If you want to see how this can make a difference to your own affiliate recruiting, then why not book a one-on-one demo tailored to your own program and Vertical?

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