Browser Extension – Find Affiliates on the go!

Browser Extension – Find Affiliates on the go! 25 Jun, 2021 Chris Tradgett 5 min read Get Instant Affiliate Insights – in your Chrome Toolbar We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new Chrome Browser Extension – to get instant affiliate analysis. So whenever you come across an interesting website – anywhere, the […]

Keep Optimising Your Affiliates for Growth

Keep Optimising Your Affiliates for Growth 28 May, 2021 Emma Outerbridge 4 min read Keep Optimising Podcast Featuring Chris Tradgett The April episodes of the Keep Optimising Podcast focused for the first time on affiliate marketing. Keep Optimising is the regular podcast from Chloë Thomas of Ecommerce Masterplan. Chloë interviewed four influential writers from the […]

Contacting Affiliates – The First Step

Contacting Affiliates – The First Step 18 Mar, 2021 Emma Outerbridge 3 min read There are many ways of contacting affiliates… If you’ve researched this subject to pick up tips from other affiliate managers, you’ll know that, along with finding new publishers, contacting affiliates is one of the toughest parts of managing an affiliate programme. […]

Evolution of Recruiting Affiliates

Recently our CMO, Chris Tradgett was interviewed by Rick Magennis on the subject of recruiting affiliates. Rick is the founder of Affiliate Management Expo which is coming up in February.

They talked about how brands and affiliates have changed during 2020 and how a focus on quality over quantity in recruiting is more important than ever. What makes this conversation really interesting is that they shared thoughts about improving the recruitment process and common mistakes of brands in recruiting affiliates.

Publisher Spotlight: The Curvy Fashionista

Our platform is all about helping you find affiliates – more importantly it’s about finding the most relevant affiliates to recruit. The platform provides outline affiliate analysis, including social and email details; as this is a relationship industry, it pays dividends to understand publishers more fully. That’s what led us to plan this series of interviews.