Contacting Affiliates – The First Step

Contacting Affiliates – The First Step 18 Mar, 2021 Emma Outerbridge 3 min read There are many ways of contacting affiliates… If you’ve researched this subject to pick up tips from other affiliate managers, you’ll know that, along with finding new publishers, contacting affiliates is one of the toughest parts of managing an affiliate programme. […]

Evolution of Recruiting Affiliates

Recently our CMO, Chris Tradgett was interviewed by Rick Magennis on the subject of recruiting affiliates. Rick is the founder of Affiliate Management Expo which is coming up in February.

They talked about how brands and affiliates have changed during 2020 and how a focus on quality over quantity in recruiting is more important than ever. What makes this conversation really interesting is that they shared thoughts about improving the recruitment process and common mistakes of brands in recruiting affiliates.

Recruiting to Diversify Your Affiliate Program

Recruiting to Diversify Your Affiliate Program 12 Aug, 2020 Chris Tradgett 4 min read This article was originally published in PerformanceIn – 10 August 2020   Diversify your affiliate portfolio Diversification of your affiliate program is looking like the hottest topic at the moment. While preparing this article, I read some other great recent blog posts published […]

Which Type of Affiliate?

Which Type of Affiliate? 29 Jul, 2020 Emma Outerbridge 7 min read This article is taken from the content of a Webinar on 21 May 2020, presented by Chris Tradgett. Which Type of Affiliate is best for my Business? We’ll start off with looking at ‘affiliate’ – and I want to tackle that old discussion: […]

Increasing Revenues Through Affiliate Recruitment

Increasing Revenues Through Affiliate Recruitment 12 May, 2020 Chris Tradgett 8 min read Master of Malt & Publisher Discovery’s Game-Changing Affiliate Recruiting Project First published by – 12 May 2020 Mustafa Mirreh of PerformanceIn spoke to Master of Malt and Affiliate Future on how their recent campaign using Publisher Discovery led to high-value affiliates recruited, saving […]