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Published by Chris Tradgett 15 September, 2020

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Our platform is all about helping you find affiliates – more importantly it’s about finding the most relevant affiliates to recruit. The platform provides outline affiliate analysis, including social and email details; as this is a relationship industry, it pays dividends to understand publishers more fully. That’s what led us to plan this series of interviews.

This ‘Publisher Spotlight’ is on The Curvy Fashionista by Marie Denee.

I first spoke to Marie Denee several years ago, when researching for a talk at Influencer Marketing Days. She gave me some really great insights into the world of a fashion blogger – and her use of affiliate linking as part of her overall monetization strategy.

Curvy Fashionista fashion bloggerCan you introduce yourself – and your websites to readers?

My name is Marie Denee and I run the blog turned plus size media platform, The Curvy Fashionista.


What changes have you seen over recent years – from being a ‘blogger’ to a fashion influencer?

Wow, sooo much has changed and yet has stayed the same over the years.  Today, I look back on the journey of blogger to business owner.

The role or definition of blogger has also changed in its perception, opportunities, and as an industry! Folks now better understand what we do and there are more clear lines into making this a sustainable business.

I started my blog, without thinking about the “future.” What started out as a passion quickly has evolved into a business with varying channels to earn a living.

The tools and platforms have changed greatly! Back in the day, the school of Google taught me HTML code. Now? Drag and drop editors are making it easier than ever! I have to add that SEO is more important than ever, owning your own platforms (site and URLs), and building community!

How has your business model changed over the years? 

My business model? The channels that I have at my fingertips have grown in its revenue opportunity. Where I started with Adsense, quickly that evolved into an ad network. Where affiliate sales were random and cool, now we have a full strategy. Where brands would send us product to review; that has evolved into campaigns that we help execute.

Once you realize that the sky is the limit, it opens up the product, event, and consulting channels even more! This is what has happened for me.

when did affiliate links become an essential part of your strategy? 

Almost from the beginning! Having a commissioned sales background, I quickly understood how this channel works.

For me, now it is more about how to seamlessly integrate, reviewing places where I am not optimizing placement.

Tell us about the importance of social media?

Marie Denee FB LiveSocial Media is a must have tool for any one in business. Depending on your goals, you are able to build community, push messaging, nurture client leads, and generate sales. I truly feel that social media is a tool to help deliver each of these.
Each platform has its own voice, unspoken rules, and route to help drive awareness to your brand. But there is an art to this. There is a strategy (or needs to be) to optimizing and leveraging each platform. I think this is where folks get caught up, only pushing messaging or making this their only platform or presence.
But do you know what is more important than social media?  Your email list. With social media, you do not own these platforms. Asides from your website, your newsletter list is the only other thing that you own.

What is the best way for an advertiser to get your attention to be featured?

Honestly it starts with an email. One to say hello, introduce themselves, or to ask to hop on a call! Not so much a sales pitch to join up – but to connect with a general knowledge of my platform. Oftentimes I get emails from companies that want us to join, but that have nothing to do with our content.

Also, it’s important to offer tiered affiliate commissions. If you want us to include your product more, do not hesitate to offer a higher % option.

What’s the No1 piece of advice you’d give to a new affiliate manager?  

Build relationships. Schedule calls. Get to know your publishers and what they can offer. Understand the various ways that publishers are using affiliate links in their content and on social media.
Also, don’t be afraid to ask the publishers what they need from you!


About Marie Denee

Marie Denee

Marie Denee, creator of the digital platform, The Curvy Fashionista, is an established and respected voice in the plus size fashion arena. With over eleven years of experience, Marie has made it her mission to continuously show women that they can be Curvy, Confident, and Chic.

In 2008, enter The Curvy Fashionista. While cutting her teeth in retail, Marie realized that when it came to great stylish clothing for plus size women, their options were limited. Armed with MBA in Marketing, fashion experience, and a passion for empowering women of every shape and size, Marie launched the popular digital platform.

Marie was honored as The Root 100’s List of the Most Influential African Americans for 2017. She also took home the award for The Network Journal’s Top 40 under 40 for 2018.


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