Bloomberg view on ‘Affiliate’ – a Strange Skewed View

Published by Chris Tradgett 1 March, 2018

First published via Linkedin:

Bloomberg‘s recent article on their view of affiliate adverts on Facebook gives a strangely skewed version of the Affiliate Marketing industry the rest of us work in.

It’s an interesting view from Bloomberg on one facet of the #affiliate marketing model. It is however very important to emphasise that this is just ONE facet of a much broader marketing discipline – and in fact appears to be the seamier and more black-hat end of the #Leadgentypes of ‘affiliate’.

The kinds of ‘affiliate’ and activities that the article covers are not recognised by a great many in the real world of affiliate marketing and pretty much the only shared DNA is that the scammy/scummy end also run adverts on a cost per sale/action model.

Bloomberg chose to give their assessment of the Affiliate Marketing industry based on one relatively unknown black-hat conference and seemingly deliberately ignored others like AffiliateSummit or PILiveShow or even AWConferences. It’s a bit like giving an understanding of the world of the whole music industry from a single Death Metal concert – or the world of Finance from a slightly dodgy Forex/BitCoin conference.

Its interesting nonetheless and perhaps is a boost to the movement away from the Affiliate to Performance terminology, which embraces so much more such as influencer marketing; all so much more what the rest of the industry understands by the term ‘Affiliate Marketing’


Chris Tradgett

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