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Published by Chris Tradgett 10 December, 2019

Great news for affiliate managers and recruiters

We’re very excited to announce latest update to the new Publisher Discovery platform – the addition of affiliate traffic data. This adds really powerful detail to help our users understand potential new affiliate partners. The combination of Relevance and Traffic makes selecting the most relevant and commercially useful partners so much easier. 

Competitors affiliatesWe have added affiliate website traffic into the platform, processed to give a relative traffic score. That now means that you can assess any of the two million affiliate sites in our databases quickly and simply. As you can see, it’s now even easier to identify the best new publisher partnership opportunities, anywhere in the world – and reach out to engage them.

You can now select for relevance and traffic by using the filter sliders. Websites like national newspapers are usually high traffic but low relevance – and low conversion. So as an example, to find your most relevant ‘influencer’ affiliates, you may select mid-range traffic along with high relevance. Filtering like this saves our users hours of research each week.

affiliate contact detailsAffiliate managers get a clearer view of competitors’ affiliate relationships, to pick off the best potential affiliates to recruit. Using the other tools in the app, users see the publishers’ social and contact details to then reach out and recruit them.

You can read more in the articles in our HelpCenter.

Amazing User Feedback

Publisher Discovery users’ feedback is really to help us plan our ongoing tech development as relevant and powerful. It’s also great to get feedback on the new additions, as we did from Stephon Anthony of Master of Malt:

“Filtering through hundreds of affiliates without having a clue to their size can be very time consuming. That’s especially the case during peak periods like Q4, when we are after last minute opportunities with affiliates. I have just taken a dive into the latest update to publisher discovery and seen the visual aid to gauge the size of any affiliate with the traffic score filter. This has given me even more confidence in seeking additional affiliates as it is pretty accurate – I don’t know how the mechanics work, but it’s pretty accurate on my end.” 

We’re very much looking forward to announcing yet more additions to the platform over the coming months.

How to Get Started Finding Your Best Affiliates

You can see how good this can be for your own programme straight away, in a simple online registration. Just choose a plan to suit your programme, simply search for your own website and get started. You can be finding your best affiliates in minutes.

Get StartedIf you’d like to see a demo of the tools, please contact us and we can show you more.

We look forward to working with you.


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