Publisher Spotlight: The Curvy Fashionista

Our platform is all about helping you find affiliates – more importantly it’s about finding the most relevant affiliates to recruit. The platform provides outline affiliate analysis, including social and email details; as this is a relationship industry, it pays dividends to understand publishers more fully. That’s what led us to plan this series of interviews.

Recruiting to Diversify Your Affiliate Program

Recruiting to Diversify Your Affiliate Program 12 Aug, 2020 Chris Tradgett 4 min read This article was originally published in PerformanceIn – 10 August 2020   Diversify your affiliate portfolio Diversification of your affiliate program is looking like the hottest topic at the moment. While preparing this article, I read some other great recent blog posts published […]

Which Type of Affiliate?

Which Type of Affiliate? 29 Jul, 2020 Emma Outerbridge 7 min read This article is taken from the content of a Webinar on 21 May 2020, presented by Chris Tradgett. Which Type of Affiliate is best for my Business? We’ll start off with looking at ‘affiliate’ – and I want to tackle that old discussion: […]

Styles in Affiliate Recruiting

Styles in Affiliate Recruiting 28 Apr, 2020 Chris Tradgett 6 min read NOTES FROM THE WEBINAR – 23 APRIL 2020   This has been a difficult start to the year for a lot of online advertisers. The webinar on affiliate recruiting was intended to point out issues and opportunities that can arise from this in […]

Recruiting Fashion Affiliates

Recruiting Fashion Affiliates 20 Apr, 2020 Chris Tradgett 5 min read WEBINAR NOTES: APRIL 16 2020 Our recent Webinar, covering the fashion sector, was a brief overview on some of the specific points to consider for affiliate discovery and recruitment. The recorded session was illustrated with example data from the Publisher Discovery analysis, looking at […]