Global Affiliate Insights – Whitepaper

Global Affiliate Insights – Whitepaper 07 May, 2021 Chris Tradgett 2 min read Affiliate marketing statistics show that the industry generates around 16% of all ecommerce sales globally. During the difficult trading environment in 2020-21, this focus has become increasingly important. And it’s a figure that is growing quickly and at different rates in different […]

Keep Optimising Affiliate Management Special

Keep Optimising Affiliate Management Special 06 May, 2021 Chris Tradgett 1 min read Wide Ranging Conversation on Affiliates I had the great pleasure of sharing time with some great friends in the industry, on a Keep Optimising affiliate special webinar. Chloe asked some really insightful questions, partly drawn from the four Podcasts recorded during April, […]

Affiliate Recommendations

Affiliate Recommendations 16 Apr, 2021 Chris Tradgett 4 min read Get Personalised Affiliate Recommendations Affiliate Recruitment can be a time-consuming process and Publisher Discovery has been developed specifically to do the hard work for you. The concept was developed from our founders’ practical experience of recruiting affiliates for programs in network, agency and merchant roles. […]

Affiliate Management Podcasts

Affiliate Management Podcasts 16 Mar, 2021 Chris Tradgett 3 min read Sharing Affiliate Knowledge Podcasts have grown enormously in popularity over recent years and even more so during the period of lockdowns since last March. The focus on exercising alone has meant we all have more time for listening – podcasts are the ideal medium. […]

Publisher Spotlight – Student Beans

Publisher Spotlight – Student Beans 08 Mar, 2021 Chris Tradgett 6 min read We introduce you to the world’s leading publishers Our latest Publisher Spotlight is on the Beans Group. The publisher has grown from its origins in 2005 as Student Beans, set up by James and Michael Eder, to a major international publishing group. We […]