Influencers and the Affiliate Industry

Influencers and the Affiliate Industry 07 Feb, 2022 Chris Tradgett 10 min read This article first appeared in Adello Magazine, January 2022 The Rise of the Influencer Influencer networks seemed to be popping up like mushrooms from the mid 2010s onwards on the back of the ‘influencer’ trend. It seemed that all of a sudden […]

Publisher Spotlight – Envolve Tech

Here’s our latest Publisher Spotlight on Redu, a growing publisher which has brought some exciting developments to the affiliate space.
The Publisher Discovery platform is all about helping program managers to find new affiliates. More importantly it’s about finding the most relevant affiliates to recruit.

PI Live Advanced

PI Live Advanced 26 – 27 April 2022 New World Stages, New York PI Live Advanced 2022 – Just Announced This is a new boutique event on April 26 2022. PI Live Advanced is aimed at senior stakeholders within the performance marketing community. It will be the first affiliate network and SaaS agnostic partner and […]

Why Ecommerce Players Need Affiliates

Why Ecommerce Players Need Affiliates 24 Nov, 2021 Chris Tradgett 8 min read What’s the Importance of Affiliate Marketing to Ecommerce? The start of 2020s has been a pivotal moment for retail as ecommerce has outperformed the high street. We’ve seen newspaper reports since 2014 heralding that retailers were abandoning the high street and moving […]

Free Tools for Affiliate Recruitment

Free Tools for Affiliate Recruitment 11 Nov, 2021 Chris Tradgett 9 min read How to make the most of our free tools The Publisher Discovery free tools provide a simple way of taking a quick look at the affiliate relationships. This article will show how to make best use to get started with affiliate recruiting […]