Best Affiliate Innovation Shortlist

Best Affiliate Innovation Shortlist 27 May, 2021 Chris Tradgett 2 min read Publisher Discovery & LinkConnector Take Affiliate Recruitment with AI to Unprecedented Heights! We are extremely excited to announce that Publisher Discovery & Linkconnector are shortlisted for the Best Affiliate Marketing Innovation in the 2021 Performance Marketing Awards. As in every year there has been […]

New Partnership with Cake

New Partnership with Cake 21 May, 2021 Chris Tradgett 2 min read Publisher Discovery Available from Cake We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Cake, a global provider of performance marketing software which empowers more than 500 advertisers, networks and publishers to manage, measure, and optimize their digital marketing campaigns, in real-time. As […]

Publisher Spotlight – Jitendra Vaswani

Publisher Spotlight – Jitendra Vaswani 20 May, 2021 Chris Tradgett 6 min read We introduce you to the world’s leading publishers In our latest Publisher Spotlight we interview Jitendra Vaswani. Jitendra started off as an affiliate with a simple blog but has grown his online presence to be featured in HuffingtonPost and Lifehacker among others. […]

PI Live Global 2021 Roundup

PI Live Global 2021 Roundup 18 May, 2021 Chris Tradgett 11 min read A Year for Huge Optimism in Affiliate “That’s a wrap” as they say on PI Live Global for 2021. Again it was a virtual conference which brought together some excellent speakers with amazing insights. Most importantly it fired the imagination for where […]

Global Affiliate Insights – Whitepaper

Global Affiliate Insights – Whitepaper 07 May, 2021 Chris Tradgett 2 min read Affiliate marketing statistics show that the industry generates around 16% of all ecommerce sales globally. During the difficult trading environment in 2020-21, this focus has become increasingly important. And it’s a figure that is growing quickly and at different rates in different […]